5 Destinations for First-time Travellers

Travelling abroad for the first time comes with a range of anxieties. From the language barrier, to a possible culture shock, foreign lands can be daunting for the no so well-travelled, and even the seasoned nomad. Here’s why it may, for some, be a good idea to take the big step of seeing a different country by selecting a less overwhelming new territory.

Here’s a list of the 5 destinations for first-time travellers if you’re looking for an easy and accessible change of scenery added with exotic flavours, cultures and vibrancy.


For all the above and none of the dullness, Ecuador is the answer. Famous for the Amazon jungles, this South American gem is not only quite accessible with a developed tourist industry, but it also considered a economically competitive holiday destination. With almost untouched coastal areas that boast secluded resorts, to taking in the sights of one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Quito.


If you’re inspired by the beauty of nature, then Iceland is one destination that is a must-see. Its landscape is as diverse as it is unique, with majestic waterfalls, volcanoes and the legendary Blue Lagoon. Naturally, it has a well developed tourism sector, and so, getting to and exploring the country is made easy. Most locals speak English, and with a modest population of roughly 300 000 people, a community atmosphere is evident, where solo-travel is even worth exploring.

New Zealand

While South Africans as of November 2016 are required to apply for a visitor visa when travelling to English-speaking New Zealand, the country, famous for its lush green landscapes made up of rolling hills and calm waters is a must-see. Its natural setting is so epic, that it is the shooting location of the epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The climate is perfectly moderate and makes for outdoorsy activities such as hiking in one of its nine pristine hiking tracks all the more enjoyable. Locals are known for their warmth and vibrant energy.


Thailand may be an obvious choice, and for good reason. It’s a destination made for holidaying, so the country has invested into making it a dream paradise for young, old, single, coupled or family travellers. Thailand is also regarded as reasonable for budget travellers, but also has its fair share of luxury experiences.

United Kingdom

The UK is a destination that needs no introduction. There is so much to explore, from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, with an array of free cultural sights. The UK is also a melting pot of different cultures, so there is a diversity in people, restaurants and attractions, with a great transportation system that makes it easy to do so. London is also quite accessible by foot. Other European cities are also made easily accessible from the UK, with day trips by train to places such as Paris or Amsterdam. Simply ensure you have your UK visa along with your Schengen Visa to take advantage of the other different destinations to explore.

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