5 Awesome Backpacker Destinations in Africa

From the decadently luxurious to the modest and budget-friendly, Africa offers travel experiences for any kind of traveller. When looking for something on the more economical side, there’s loads to do, see and even taste without compromising a memorable getaway. If you like roughing it, with no more than your backpack, a camera and an unwavering wanderlust, there’s definitely a destination (or 5) on the content for you.

Here are 5 awesome backpacker destinations in Africa:

Cape Town, South Africa

Starting in the Mother City, Cape Town could easily be described as the ideal backpackers playground. The city offers so much to do, be it a vibrant nightlife that opens gateways to new friendships from other travellers from around the world, restaurants, markets and cafes on par with the very best in the world to pockets in the city for art and music lovers. There’s also the natural beauty of the city itself and it’s surrounding areas, from the beach to the world-famous Table Mountain. All these attractions are easy to access and within reach of each other when your roaming with a backpack. Lastly, the many backpackers, affordable hotels and even Airbnb spaces in the city and the surrounds are known to be the meeting grounds of new friendships and the start of great memories.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Beautiful Zanzibar is a dream destination for a variety of reasons and possibly, as many kinds of travellers. Backpackers looking to experience the island-life in all its splendour can find exactly that in this coastal gem of East Africa. The region accommodates its many kinds of of visitors, so there’s always something to do for those looking for something on the economical travel side, from beach parties and bars to exploring Stone Town and its history by foot.

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is not only beautiful because of its history and culture, but boasts an incredible terrain that’s certainly worth exploring. It’s be hard for anyone to be underwhelmed by its lush green rolling hills, be inspired by it’s cuisine, or mesmerised by the beauty of its people. All this is possible through a modest budget, while exploring the region by foot, bus or train adds all the more to your experience. Experience the spiritual wonder of the Islamic centre of Ethiopia, Harar or let your thoughts wonder while enjoying Lake Tan in Bahir Dar by boat.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Wandering through the old streets of Mar savouring the street food as you’re led by the scent of its fragrant spices, with the architecture as colourful as the culture, and the people as warm as they are welcoming, this is a backpacker’s dream. Travelling in the city is is with cabs or even a bus. With the country being predominately Muslim country, its important for travellers to also observe the cultural practices. With that said, there are tour groups to relaxing spas, hiking trails and so much more to enjoy as you make your way through the city.

Mombasa, Kenya

The people of Kenya may be the countries best selling point. Make friends with the locals to see the best of the region, that offers beach living, camel rides and a vibrant nightlife scene. The locals are fluent in English so getting around pretty easy. Enjoy days laying on the beautiful shores of Diani beach south of Mombasa, or take time to marvel at the country’s wildlife with a safari. See the local bars and find gems for family and friends back at home at the local markets.

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