4 ways to travel the world for free

A few generations ago, travel was a luxury for the elite and a mere dream for many. Today, the world feels much smaller, with ways of exploring the globe becoming more accessible – from affordable air travel to day-to-day spending that could all go towards your dream vacation through reward programmes.

More careers today also allow people to work from anywhere. With the advance of travel hacking, there are always new ways to travel abroad at the fraction of the normal cost and, in some cases, for absolutely free.

Here are a four ways to travel for free for business travellers:

Find out what your corporate credit card offers

If you travel frequently on business, find out what your corporate credit card offers for travel. Remember to always use it to pay for business-related expenses to increase your points or rewards. What’s great about company cards is that they can be used by other people in the business, so you’re not forced to spend unnecessarily.

Use the benefits from reward programmes

Sign up to a rewards programme with a travel benefit or focus. Remember to always login to your profile or use your means of identification with whichever loyalty programme you subscribe to in order to secure your points, credit or rewards you can later redeem and use towards your next business travel or, better yet, leisure travel.

Speaking at international events and conferences

If you’re an expert in your field locally, why not take your talent abroad, speaking at international events and conferences where you believe you can truly add value? Find conferences in your field and what events they have lined up to find out if they’d be interested in your services. Some conference or event organisers are willing to pay for your flights and accomodation, and you’ll also have the added benefit of extending your network internationally.

Use your airline’s partner service providers

Flying with the same airline and using its partner service providers, such as car rental and hotel accommodation, can help you build up a profile that will unlock certain benefits, provide you with sizeable discounts, or let you accumulate enough points to fly, rent a car or book accommodation without paying out of your own pocket. Ensure your company travel organiser does the same.

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