2017 list of bars gunning for World’s 50 Best Bars

The nominations for the much-anticipated annual World’s 50 Best Bars awards have been announced. Ranked between 51 and 100, the bars will find out which establishment is top dog on 5 October at London’s Southwark Cathedral.

Organised by William Reed Business Media, which also owns the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the awards are compiled according to the votes of the World’s 50 Best Bars Academy. The organisation is made up of more than 500 industry experts from 55 countries around the world.

New awards will make an appearance this year, including the Bartenders’ Bartender, for which individuals are nominated by bartenders on the list. There’s also the One to Watch accolade, which will honour an international rising bar, while a legend revered in the field of cocktails will receive the Industry Icon Award.

“The aim of publicising the 51–100 list of the World’s Best Bars is to celebrate more high-quality bars with a broader geographical spread, as well as providing discerning drinkers with an even wider list of exciting cocktail destinations across the globe,” says group editor William Drew. “This list features a host of new names making their mark on the increasingly dynamic international bar scene, as well as some enduring favourites. We look forward to revealing the World 50 Best Bars list itself on 5 October.”

Establishments from 20 countries made the cut, which in itself is an achievement as the list is regarded as the “most influential and respected global survey of its kind” according to the awards. The United States took the lead with 11 bars on the list, followed by the United Kingdom, with seven bars, and Japan with four. Thirteen bars from Asia as a whole also made the list.

This year, 21 new entrants feature for the first time, eight of which are from Europe. Mexico’s Fifty Mils – an eclectic bar whose name was inspired by the classic bartender’s 50-millimetre shot glass – made the highest debut on the list at 61.

Official partners to the awards include tequila brand Olmeca Altos, Botran Rum as the rum partner and gin Tanqueray.

Here is the full list of nominated bars:

  1. PDT, New York, USA
  2. BRAMBLE, Edinburgh, UK
  3. BUCK AND BRECK, Berlin, Germany
  4. CENTRAL STATION, Beirut, Lebanon
  6. LE CHAMBER, Seoul, South Korea
  7. SMUGGLER’S COVE, San Francisco, USA
  8. RUBY, Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. DEATH & CO., New York, USA
  10. NOTTINGHAM FOREST, Milan, Italy
  11. FIFTY MILS, Mexico City, Mexico
  12. GIBSON, Singapore
  13. DRY MARTINI, Barcelona, Spain
  14. BAR TRENCH, Tokyo, Japan
  15. LOST LAKE, Chicago, USA
  16. FRANK BAR, São Paulo, Brazil
  17. PARADISO, Barcelona, Spain
  18. THE PONTIAC, Hong Kong
  19. STOCKTON, Hong Kong
  20. EL COPITAS,St Petersburg, Russia
  21. THREE SHEETS, London, UK
  22. ZUMA, Dubai, UAE
  23. GUILHOTINA, São Paulo, Brazil
  24. SATAN’S WHISKERS, London, UK
  25. HANKY PANKY, Mexico City, Mexico
  26. BULLETIN PLACE, Sydney, Australia
  28. CHARLES H, Seoul, South Korea
  29. THE BAR WITH NO NAME, London, UK
  30. ANVIL, Houston, USA
  31. SCOUT, London, UK
  32. SALMON GURU, Madrid, Spain
  33. STAR BAR, Tokyo, Japan
  34. CANON, Seattle, USA
  35. CHAINAYA TEA & COCKTAILS, Moscow, Russia
  36. ANGEL’S SHARE, New York, USA
  37. SAGER & WILDE, London, UK
  38. GEN YAMAMOTO, Tokyo, Japan
  39. THE OVERWEIGH, Melbourne, Australia
  40. SUBASTOR, São Paulo, Brazil
  41. BAR GOTO, New York, USA
  42. RED FROG, Lisbon, Portugal
  43. BAR ORCHARD GINZA, Tokyo, Japan
  44. COPPERBAY, Paris, France
  45. SWIFT, London, UK
  46. THE WALKER INN, Los Angeles, USA
  47. THE UNION TRADING COMPANY, Shanghai, China
  48. HERBS AND RYE, Las Vegas, USA
  49. POTATO HEAD BEACH CLUB, Bali, Indonesia
  50. SIETE NEGRONIS, Santiago, Chile

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