10 eyecare tips for travellers

Any frequent flyer knows how painful dry eyes can be. As we draw closer to September, which kickstarts National Eye Care Awareness Month, Andre Horn, senior optometrist and MD of Mellins i-Style, shares his top eyecare tips for travellers.

  1. Always keep a copy of your prescription on you while travelling for last-minute emergencies.
  2. Use lens- cleaning wipes to clean your glasses without damaging the lenses.
  3. Don’t forget a back-up. Pack a spare set of specs, contact lenses, contact lens solution and eye drops.
  4. Check the safety regulations of liquids before packing contact lens solution and eye drops in your carry-on luggage for your flight. Rather pick up a travel kit at your local optometrist.
  5. Pop an extra container for contact lenses in your hand luggage and fill these with sterile eye solution. This will come in handy if your contacts become uncomfortable while flying and you need to take them out.
  6. Use an eye mask to rest your eyes during the flight.
  7. Take note that reduced humidity in a plane, which causes eyes to dry out, can lead to poorer vision. Watching movies on the in-flight entertainment system can strain your eyes. It’s advised to wear your glasses or use eye drops to keep them moisturised.
  8. Never clean your contact lenses with water! Contact lenses need to be cleaned with sterile eye solution and water may contain infection-causing bacteria.
  9. Don’t wear your contacts while you sleep during a flight.
  10. Avoid putting in or taking out your contact lenses mid-flight, as you can’t always be sure that the environment is sterile.

For more tips and advice on keeping your eyes in top shape, visit: mellins.co.za

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